The Commission on Judicial Conduct does not issue advisory opinions.

The Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics, whose members are appointed by the Chief Administrative Judge in consultation with the Presiding Justice of the appropriate Department of the Appellate Division, issues and publishes individual advisory opinions on ethical issues to judges of the state unified court system, upon receipt of written requests from judges within the system.

The Advisory Committee office is located at 25 Beaver Street, Room 866, New York, NY 10004.  Opinions may be accessed by visiting

The Judicial Campaign Ethics Center renders advisory opinions on judicial campaign related issues.  The Center may be accessed by visiting

Commission Response to Advisory Opinion 10-38

The Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics issued Opinion 10-38 dated June 10, 2010.  The Opinion was made available to the Commission on June 15, 2010.  The Commission issued a response dated June 17, 2010.

Link to Advisory Opinion

Link to Commission Response