Commission Member Appointing Authority First Appointed Expiration of Term
Joseph W. Belluck, Chair Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 2008 3/31/2024
Taa Grays, Vice Chair Senate President Pro Tem Andrea Stewart-Cousins 2017 3/31/2023
Jodie Corngold Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 2013 3/31/2023
John A. Falk Chief Judge Janet DiFiore 2017 3/31/2021
Paul B. Harding Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb* 2006 3/31/2021
Leslie G. Leach Chief Judge Janet DiFiore 2016 3/31/2024
Angela M. Mazzarelli Chief Judge Janet DiFiore 2017 3/31/2022
Robert J. Miller Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 2018 3/31/2022
Marvin Ray Raskin Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie 2018 3/31/2022
Ronald J. Rosenberg Senate Minority Leader John J. Flanagan 2020 3/31/2024
Akosua Garcia Yeboah Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 2016 3/31/2021


There are 11 members of the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  Each serves a renewable four-year term.  Four members are appointed by the Governor, three by the Chief Judge, and one each by the Speaker of the Assembly, the Minority Leader of the Assembly, the Temporary President of the Senate (Majority Leader) and the Minority Leader of the Senate.

Of the four members appointed by the Governor, one shall be a judge, one shall be a member of the New York State bar but not a judge, and two shall not be members of the bar, judges or retired judges.  Of the three members appointed by the Chief Judge, one shall be a justice of the Appellate Division, one shall be a judge of a court other than the Court of Appeals or Appellate Division, and one shall be a justice of a town or village court.  None of the four members appointed by the legislative leaders shall be judges or retired judges.

The Commission elects a Chair and a Vice Chair from among its members for renewable two-year terms, and appoints an Administrator who shall be a member of the New York State bar who is not a judge or retired judge.  The Administrator appoints and directs the agency staff.  The Commission also has a Clerk who plays no role in the investigation or litigation of complaints but assists the Commission in its consideration of formal charges, preparation of determinations and related matters. 

The current members of the Commission and their terms of office are listed below. Asterisk (*) indicates that the appointing authority no longer holds that office.

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