The New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct investigates complaints against judges of the NY State Unified Court System. Complaints should be in writing and signed.  Complaints do not have to be sworn or notarized.  You may make a complaint by filling out and submitting a signed Complaint Form, or by writing and signing a letter which describes the alleged misconduct.  Such letters should be as detailed as possible, including such information as the name of the judge, the court, the name of the case, the name of the attorneys, the date or dates on which the misconduct allegedly occurred, a description of the alleged misconduct, etc.  Sending your original complaint is sufficient; please do not send multiple copies.

The Commission reviews all complaints and decides whether or not to investigate.   Sometimes it is necessary for the Commission's staff to call the complainant or other participants for clarification of the complaint.

To file a complaint with the Commission:

  • Click here, to complete and submit the form online.
  • Click here, print the form, complete it by hand and mail it to one of the addresses below.
  • Write a letter including the information requested above.

Complaints may be mailed to any of the Commission's offices:

61 Broadway, Suite 1200 ♦ New York, NY 10006 ♦ FAX (646) 458-0038
Corning Tower, Suite 2301 ♦ Empire State Plaza ♦ Albany, NY 12223
FAX (518) 486-1850
400 Andrews Street, Suite 700 ♦ Rochester, NY 14604 ♦ FAX (585)232-7834

For further information please call (646) 386-4800